What’s the difference between ‘retirement living’ and ‘assisted living’?

Retirement living is largely what it the name suggests – it’s a lifestyle wherein one is retired. While this individual may require certain changes to their home or location in order to continue to live independently, they are largely able to live comfortably on their own or with a partner.

Assisted living is generally a term for a retirement home that provides for individuals who require a more extensive level of care and supervision. They often provide nursing, care assistance, and other services for individuals who have difficulty with day to day care, or are otherwise unable to remain living on their own.

Between these two definitions, Anchor Living is a retirement living space for active seniors looking to live to their fullest for the third act of their life.

What sorts of mobility accommodations are available?

Our buildings are outfitted with a variety of features to make them more accessible for our tenants and their visitors. For example:

- Grab bars and handheld shower heads in the baths
- Automatic door opener (main floor)
- Elevators
- Wheel chair ramp on ground level to access the building

If there’s a specific feature or aspect of our buildings you’d like to inquire about, please contact our leasing representative Susan for more information.

Is smoking permitted in the building?

No – for the health of our tenants, all of our buildings are a smoke-free environment. This includes recreational marijuana.

Are pets allowed?

No. There are no pets permitted.

How much is rent at one of your buildings?

Please speak to our leasing representative, Susan, after you’ve finished your viewing; she will be able to provide a cost for the unit you feel is best fit for your lifestyle.

When is the payment due?

Rent payment is always due at the 1st of every month.

What methods of payment are accepted?

We process payments by direct debit.

Are there opportunities to socialize?

Of course! Many of our buildings host small events throughout the year to give the neighbourhood an opportunity to mingle. This isn’t just limited to staff-organized holiday events and functions, either – many residents will organize informal bridge games or do puzzles together in the common area to pass the time.

If I invited a guest or family member from out of town, is there anywhere they’d be able to stay?

We have guest suites available upon request for a nominal fee at select locations. If you’re interested, let the building’s residential manager know in advance, and we’ll see what we can do for you.