What is a lease?

A written or oral tenancy agreement between a landlord and a tenant for the renting of residential premises.

Is there a standard form of lease for a tenancy agreement?

Yes. The standard form of lease applies to all written and oral tenancies.

Should a tenant have a signed copy of the lease and a copy of the Residential Tenancies Act?

Yes. Both must be provided by the landlord within 10 days of signing the lease.

Is the tenant required to provide the landlord with the names of other people who are going to live in the premises?

Yes. The landlord must approve every occupant of the premises and their names must be included on the lease.

Can a landlord make rules for the premises?

Yes. The rules must be reasonable and applied equally to all tenants. They must be given to a tenant before the lease is signed.

What is an anniversary date?

It is the yearly anniversary of the date the tenancy began.

Can a landlord ask for post-dated cheques?


What is a fixed term lease?

A fixed-term lease is for a specific period of time. It ends on the date in the lease and neither the landlord nor the tenant is required to give written notice to end the tenancy on that date.

Are pets allowed?

No. There are no pets permitted.